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No Spend Weekend Ideas – Summer

How to keep busy while having a no spend weekend this summer.

I am writing this post after memorial day weekend and if you are like me and let yourself splurge a bit to celebrate the official start to summer, check out these ideas for a fun no spend weekend.

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I am not a finance expert. Anything written here are just personal experiences and my own opinions.

What is a no spend weekend?

Have you heard of a no spend weekend? Well, I think the title is pretty self explanatory. But, let me give you my take on it. I typically choose to do a no spend weekend after I have spent a bit more than I expected or wanted to earlier in the month and need to get my budget back on track.

I literally don’t spend any money. That means I went grocery shopping earlier in the week, all my bills are caught up, I don’t need gas, etc. I don’t eat out or go shopping on no spend weekends.

Now you are probably thinking this sounds like a drag, but no spend weekends can be really fun with the right outlook. Don’t look at it as denying yourself the opportunity to spend money (not everything fun requires spending money). Look at it as an opportunity to relax, enjoy the wonderful home you have or the great outdoors.

So, there are plenty of things you can do around your house that are productive and or fun. I bet after a no spend weekend you will feel accomplished and proud of yourself for sticking to your goal and excited about the money you saved that can go to your greater money goals.

Here are my ideas. If you have some others I would love to here them! Make sure to post your ideas in the comments below!

Outdoor Ideas

  • Take a hike
    • You can take some alone time and enjoy nature or maybe go with your SO and pack a picnic for a romantic date day!
  • Invite some friends over and chill outside
    • You can never go wrong with spending time with friends chatting outside, maybe having some drinks and snacks. Have fire pit? Gather around and spend a fun night spending free!
  • Go swimming
    • It’s the summer right, so go for a dip! Belong to a local community pool, have one at your house? Go ahead and gather your towels and some snacks and spend the day relaxing in the sun! Don’t have access to a pool? Bring out the hose or the sprinkler and get the same effect!
  • Garden
    • Have you been meaning to make your outdoor space look nicer forever, but you just never get around to it? Well a no spend weekend is a great time to check that off the list! Plant some seeds you already have or clean up what you have already planted or get those weeds out of your flower bed!
  • DIY Drive In
    • Either bring out your car or some lawn chairs and watch a movie outside! Pile some pillows and blankets in your trunk or truck bed, bring out the TV and play your favorite movie for a fun free outdoor movie night!

Indoor Ideas

  • DIY project
    • Check out my budget DIY tips and use some supplies that you have laying around the house to spruce up an areas of your home you have been meaning to get to
  • Clean out your garage
    • Get ready for all the times you’ll be running in and out this summer and organize your garage
    • Find space for those grilling and gardening tools you have piled up
    • Once you have sorted out what you want and don’t want to keep, take your no spend weekend a step further and make some money! Have a garage sale to get rid of that extra stuff you no longer need!
  • Clean
    • Yes, I know that is no one of the fun options, but it’s one of those things in life that we have to do. If you put on some music or a podcast you can liven it up!
    • Plus, once you finish cleaning you will feel so much better and then you can enjoy your clean house the rest of the weekend!
  • Meal Prep
    • Get those meals ready for the week ahead! Make some dishes to eat off of for the rest of the week, portion out your lunches, make some grab and go breakfasts. You will be so glad Monday night after a long day at work when you don’t have to try to figure out something to cook you can just grab, heat, and eat!
  • Craft
  • Have a game night
    • Host some friends or have a family game night instead of spending money going out. Make some fun snacks with food you have at home, pull out Monopoly or Scrabble and have a blast!

There you go! Save this article and come back to it when you are needing some ideas for a great no spend summer weekend! Make sure to subscribe below for some more penny-pinching tips!

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